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        Hand washing free packing machine


        Go! When we landed in Wuhan and walked out of the cabin door, the city I just came to last year seemed to be pressed the pause button. Without the hustle and bustle of the provincial capital city, the bustling snack stands along the street, and the laughter. Some are quiet, and there are countless medical staff who are retrograde.
        It is reported that from 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan City lifted the control measures of the passageway for leaving Han and Hubei, and restored the external traffic in an orderly manner, and the personnel leaving the Han Dynasty moved safely and orderly with the help of the "green code" of Hubei health code.
        When Wuhan is unsealed, we can not relax our vigilance. We should always keep sober, love cleanliness and hygiene. We have become a habit. Please wash your hands, don't go out, wearing masks has become a slogan, always keep in mind.
        Guangzhou Xuguang packaging machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. has supported the state to support the epidemic area since the outbreak. Hands free liquid products on the market, please take care of it.